About Us

Take on the Code was started during a random conversation with friends and other concerned individuals in what has been happening to the surroundings at present. One of the subjects which came up during the conversation is those issues which are related to gun violence and mishandling of the said weapon. We tried to dissect the issues and realized that even though the problem is persistent and have been causing more and more concerns lately, there are no plausible solutions that have been made yet. People have just expressed their displeasure but then again, the problem is still there. There is no call for action or people do not have an action plan which put all their complaints to vain. It is time now for us to come together and create a much safer environment for our children and for their children after them. After all, it is us who will benefit from it in the long run.

We encourage everyone to participate in this movement –to Take on the Code. We have been long living in fear. Let us start creating a safer environment today.

No to Gun Violence | takeonthecode.com

Take on the Code is already functioning for over a decade. So far, our call has not been left unanswered. One by one, all of our efforts have already been seeing fruition which is basically what our goals are. More and more people are also starting to respond in our call of action. We hope that more will come. The only mission of Take on the Code is to implement much more responsible handling of guns for those who possess it. We call for more strict laws governing it. In that way, gun-related violence can be prevented.

We appeal to you to support the call of Take on the Code. We are always counting on your help to provide us the support we need.