There is an on-going debate on whether or not the process of owning a gun should be more strict in the United States. Granted, the number one reason why people need to have it in the first place is to protect themselves. This is most especially if you live in the kind of neighborhood that is a bit sketchy and exposed to rampant criminality. Who knows, right? In the time we have at present, there is no such thing anymore as being too prepared. You need to do what you want to do especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your family.

So where does the problem start now?

The debate now comes in with the many occurrences of gun-related violence recently. There are people who have guns who tend to abuse their authority to use it. Many people die every day because of gun related and the number just keeps on going up over time.

1 problem

People who have guns feel entitled as they cause fear to their surroundings and outside their garage door in Mesa. Even innocent kids now are being affected. Not only are they victims, but because of mishandling of this particular weapon, they became the offender themselves because of something they deemed as toys.

2 problem​

How many times have we heard teenagers or minors running amok carrying guns and similar weapon which they picked up at home? In a blink of an eye, their innocence is suddenly gone, taking with them a life or more.

3 problem​

This is what can be prevented only if all of those people who have a gun can be responsible for its safekeeping or if the laws are more strict in allowing individuals to have one. Come to think of it, the concerns of the people are increasing.

4 problem​

However, not many among them are willing to step forward to initiate a change. Even if there are a few, their efforts are usually in vain. This is because no other individuals can support them on their claims and this is what we want to improve.
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We want the guns laws

Here at Take on the Code, we are looking for individuals who are like us with the same intention of pursuing more strict rules in terms of gun ownership. We want the laws about it to be revised so that guns cannot be easily accessible to just everyone. More than that, we are advocating for a more severe and uncompromising punishment for those who will be found guilty of mishandling the said weapon. We hope that in the process, we can promote an environment with fewer cases of gun-related violence and safety for everyone. We hope that you will take part on this stand. You can ask your friends too, colleagues, and even your loved ones. The success of every movement starts in cooperation and in working together and we hope that here at Take on the Code, we can make this happen.

We encourage you to follow us here at Take on the Code to know more about the movement. We are always looking forward to your support.

Aaron Fox
Gun Magazine


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